I am a lecturer at Chekoilel University University. I have attained B.Ed (H.Ec) Kenyatta University, M.Ed (H.Ec) Kenyatta University, Ph.D (Community Resource Management & Extension) Kenyatta University. My area of specialization is Community Resource Management and Extension with a bias in Community Nutrition. My career goal is to carry out research in foods, nutrition and food security, and to reach out to communities so as to help alleviate poverty and malnutrition. I am organized, outgoing, can work under pressure with minimum supervision and works well with others. The courses I teach include; Introductory Nutrition, Meal Management, Community Nutrition & Dietary Survey, Therapeutic Nutrition, Nutrition Surveillance Planning and Intervention, Nutritional Biochemistry, Human Physiology and Extension Educationamong others. I have carried out research and published papers in areas of childhood studies and community nutrition. Contact details are; Chepkoilel University College, School of Agriculture & Biotechnology, Department of Family & Consumer Sciences, P.O. Box 1125, ELDORET, 30100, KENYA. Tel: +254 721 805 505